[p2p-research] p2presearch Digest, Vol 25, Issue 40

Tomas Rawlings tom at fluffylogic.net
Mon Nov 9 12:03:19 CET 2009

> Have you considered a regular 'weekly\biweekly review' post for the blog.
> A weekly post that summarises what was posted to the blog during the week.
> Would there be any way to automate it?
> Maybe people could subscribe to receive it via email as a weekly
> newsletter, maybe this could include a short written overview of P2P
> news?
> I think this might be useful to people who find it difficult to keep
> up with posts.
An alternative, but related idea, might be to produce, by p2p means, a 
simple newsletter in PDF format that summarises what the p2p foundation 
is about and a few sample articles.  This is then a good starting point 
for people new to the issues and can easily be printed out and 
disseminated at events etc.


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