[p2p-research] a short message on our list culture and authority arguments

cosma at ruc.dk cosma at ruc.dk
Mon Nov 9 09:08:52 CET 2009

Sorry guys,
do you realize that with this mailing system you have sent in three  
days more than 300 hundreds mail some of them just saying basically  
nothing. If this course will continue I will be obliged to op out this  
thank you

Quoting Michel Bauwens <michelsub2004 at gmail.com>:

> Here is a short message that is addressed to Andrew but concerns all of us:
> "I am concerned  that the very culture of our discussion list has been
> derailed by your science-based authority arguments, which are typically
> expressed as 'you're totally wrong', 'this has been settled by science 10
> years ago', etc. Your continuous appeal to scientific authority without
> using evidence, and your summary dismissals, delegitimize and paralyze a lot
> of the freeflow dialogue between intelligent persons that had gone on. I
> respectfully request that you express your views with greater moderation and
> with a greater regard for the human reality that other discussants have
> varied perspectives."
> Please note I will not engage directly with Andrew for the time being, it
> has literally deleterious physical effects for me, so I have to stay out of
> it, but I wanted to purvey my concern about the list culture, which hitherto
> was of an exemplary civility.
> Michel
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