[p2p-research] Proposals - P2P Foundation Newsletter / Podcast / P2P TV

Kevin Flanagan kev.flanagan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 14:38:04 CET 2009

Hello Michael and All,

Have you considered a regular 'weekly\biweekly review' post for the blog.
A weekly post that summarises what was posted to the blog during the week.
Would there be any way to automate it?
Maybe people could subscribe to receive it via email as a weekly
newsletter, maybe this could include a short written overview of P2P
I think this might be useful to people who find it difficult to keep
up with posts.

With regards P2P TV
What about doing video interviews with P2P advocates via Skype.
for video and audio podcasts?

Im not sure how manageable these proposals are at the moment?
But maybe this might be something to work towards for the research
centre in Chiang Mai.

Any tech ideas on how these could be managed through the community?


Kevin F

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