[p2p-research] Building Alliances (basic income and entrepreneurship)

Ryan Lanham rlanham1963 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 22:27:12 CET 2009

I think J. Andrew Rogers is an interesting addition to the group in that he
particularly tracks smart skeptical capitalists of a technoscience
base...the people who more or less run the world for better or worse. I have
to say that those types probably don't nest much here because they aren't
obviously welcome.  We're a bit of a leftist/hippie sort of group.  I like
that personally, because I've always been a fringe on that coat.  A lot of
people aren't.  All groups make subsets feel at home and others are made to
feel rejected.  Humans need a lot of stroking to stay engaged for long.  We
call that "culture."

There are tons of people out there who are trying hard to know things.  Lots
of differing perspectives.  The blogosphere as a knowledge event is probably
the greatest event since the printing press.  Of course academia has ignored
it...  Knowledge has gone P2P...even we here have ignored it.

If I faulted our list it would be based on diversity.  A lot of people get
worked up when then have encounters that are tense.  Many can't cope with
the sort of tete a tete that is common in the business world or, more
formally, in academia.  Michel has a real zen about not getting people's
hackles up while still making his point.  I've never been good at that.
More often than not I anger people even when I'm not trying.  That has led
to a thick skin rather than a gentle touch.

As universities disintegrate, the role that academics used to command as
polite truth keepers has been shot all to hell.  Now academia is mostly a
place for introverts to get a consistent pay check for thinking.  Profs are
afraid...they know the end times are upon them...but most just want the
status quo to keep going.

As a frequent research on my own medical topics, I now know that the vast
majority of physicians have badly out of date knowledge sets and are going
to google more than most of us.  Medicine is in a bad way...even while it is
doing thousands of things it has never done before. The science management
and the connection to working knowledge is pitiful.  That's one reason that
is now my field...the connect of knowledge to action.  I call that workforce
development.  There are many other names for it...including P2P.
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