[p2p-research] big does not necessarily innovate: the current VC model is broken

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ok understood, well then the question becomes: who is not 'consistent' ?

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> Michel Bauwens wrote:
>> (To Ryan) I can't understand your position, as you
>> always seem to want to steer the debate in that sense, seeing it as a
>> negative, but at the same time espouse the radical mutualist views of
>> Kevin
>> Carson as the ones you find the most in tune.
>> It's a big contradiction and mystery to me,
> I read Ryan's comments about Kevin Carson's work differently, which helps
> explain the apparent contradiction you point to . Ryan is not saying he
> agrees with Kevin's work so much as he respects the consistency of it. One
> can respect the intellectual integrity of a body of work, but fundamentally
> disagree.
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