[p2p-research] Building Alliances (basic income and entrepreneurship)

J. Andrew Rogers reality.miner at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 07:08:24 CET 2009

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 9:07 PM, Paul D. Fernhout
<pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com> wrote:
> You wrote above: "intelligence is not meaningfully additive."
> What about the last few thousand years of cumulative culture?

That is information, not intelligence.

> It depends what sort of intelligence you are talking about, perhaps.

The "theory of multiple intelligences" is a feel-good New Age fad, it
is as scientific as the Creationism model of speciation.

> On the other hand, computers are "augmenting" our intelligence, like Doug
> Engelbart worked towards.

Not augmenting so much as allowing us to use the intelligence we have
more efficiently.

> Still, I wrote my senior thesis in college about how intelligence had only
> limited value, and likely had diminishing returns, so it's not clear to me
> being that much "smarter" will make us that much happier.

"Ignorance is bliss" undoubtedly has some truth to it, but I still
don't envy an imbecile.

> Still, you keep emphasizing people and individuals.

Because P2P systems are theoretically defined in such terms? Or do you
think mathematics does not apply? I'm not big on magical thinking.

> So, your model,
> which likely also includes proprietary information and not sharing, just is
> coming at things from a very different direction.

Huh?  You have clearly failed at visiting my intentions and meaning. I
raised hard questions you have failed to address, I did not state my
views for the most part.

> How can you expect a
> million people to help with your deepest technical problems when you
> probably can't even legally talk about them in public and ask for help with
> them?

Huh? Why can't I legally talk about them in public? If there actually
were millions of people that could help with my deepest technical
problems it would certainly make my life easier, but the reality is
that those people don't exist for the most part.

You've painted a really weird fantasy.

J. Andrew Rogers

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