[p2p-research] Building Alliances (history of computer networking)

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On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 7:47 PM, J. Andrew Rogers <reality.miner at gmail.com>wrote:

> >From my own perspective, their most distinctive trait is that their
> understanding of technology and its potential is about a decade ahead
> of the commercial markets, and they fund things based on that
> perspective.
Based on what?  What measure can be used to say one sort of research is
"ahead" of another?  Science is either known and applied or it isn't.  There
must be some common aim for something to be compared.  Industries and
universities don't try to build armors that block shaped charges.  So I
would expect government to excel here.  On the other hand, governments don't
try to build really neat small electronic devices that are safe and
dissipate heat really well.  I'd expect Nokia or Samsung to lead here.

What you are suggesting is the prospect of a sort of Nobel Prize in
Engineering.  What would be the determinant of success but impact?
 Engineering is only as successful as it is useful...or has utility...or
makes people happy, healthy, rich, safe, etc.
Science is knowing.  Engineering is impacting.  If you are going to measure
impact, you need some accepted objective or goal set.

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