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Wed Nov 4 17:19:27 CET 2009

I think Twitter solves a lot of these questions, but persistence is an issue
there.  Stan's desire for brevity and links is certainly solved by Twitter.
I agree blogs are the place for bulk.  Even something like the mini-blog
tools allows someone to say as much as they like without much noise.

Research lists of this sort, and Nings for that matter, appear obsolete.
RSS is even largely replaced by Twitter though I still like my reader.
People like Robert Scoble are claiming Twitter makes RSS meaningless.

A lot of people dislike services provided by corporations for political
reasons.  That view hurts others seeking reasonable efficiencies in my view,
but it is certainly anyone's right to hurt others' efficiencies...for
example, it is now clear to me that Google Mail is superior to any and all
competitors...and yet people choose to not use it.  Why?  Who can say.
Politics I assume.  Why does Yahoo or Bing exist?  No one can find them
superior.  But one might just as well ask why Chryslers, airbuses, etc.
exist.  Inferior products will always have political reasons for
existing.  That's another reason why capitalism really isn't capitalism at
all, but corporatism...and P2P is as corporatist in its own way as for
profit is.


On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 8:00 AM, Paul D. Fernhout <
pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com> wrote:

> See also the other thread I started here:
> "[p2p-research] P2P platforms for wide ranging discussions beyond email?
> (was Re: The psychopath as peer?)"
> http://listcultures.org/pipermail/p2presearch_listcultures.org/2009-November/005520.html
> Stan was not saying I should put stuff on the P2P blog' as I read it; he
> was suggesting I have a separate personal blog. And that is not the first
> time someone has made that suggestion; there's certainly a lot of truth to
> what Sam points out, as I write in the above linked post. But in general, as
> I say there, I think we need even better P2P communications tools than what
> we have. So, that is a way to take his point "meta" in a topical way. :-)
> --Paul Fernhout
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