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Apologies for Cross-Posting

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I hope this finds you well.

In the past couple of months, I have been working on publishing my PhD
Thesis into a book, and today I am pleased to share with you that the book
has been published and is now available online. I am forwarding to you the
electronic link to my book on Amazon




The following is a brief about the Book:-
We live in a time of threat from human induced development activities &
climate change. The challenges we now face are greater than ever; global
environmental degradation, economic turbulence, widespread social exclusion
and inequalities have now elevated the problem to a global scale. This book
discusses these challenges in terms of four main pillars: the Construction
Industry, Sustainable Development, Project Management and Systems Thinking.
It examines the notions of each topic then exhibits a tri-dimensional
integration to improve the impact of projects economically, environmentally
and socially to generate and sustain a better quality of life. Thinking and
acting sustainably requires not only incremental change but a revolution in
approach, a shift of perspective. Sustainable project management processes
are possible to achieve. The interconnections are examined on the decision
making level through strategies, policies and standards which define the
very nature of th
e interconnecting relationships. This book should be useful to
undergraduates, postgraduates, professionals in the sustainable development
field, the construction industry and the project management practices.

Please feel free to forward the links to contacts you know who might be
interested in the contents.

Best regards
Mohamed Eid

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