[p2p-research] Remote Assembly, Economy, & Work For Its Own Sake

Nathan Cravens knuggy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 23:48:26 CEST 2009

Hi Sam, Ryan

'Remote Self Assembly' describes something do-able today. We have yet to put
the pieces together to create it in practice.

Paul Fernhout. We need you in person at this workshop. Clearly, you can see
why I'm asking you again. That is my final nag.

I wrote paragraph after paragraph, but it wasn't good enough, so I will now
go to sleep and return to this discussion when I am better able.


P.S. Ryan writes: "The people who wave their hands and say we can just throw
away carefully worked out ideas are amusing but not very helpful."

I'm assuming here you are indirectly insulting what I previously wrote. The
uncertainty of this I find most aggravating (after I read it, but no longer)
than if you had used my name, because you are not directing that demeaning
comment to any particular individual, but you are still evoking a rhetorical
slam that seems to describe what I wrote. This is not polite whether you
admit to insulting what I have written generally or not. It is a very poor
use of our time to play implied insult games and in action invite the
terrain for more insult that we must put aside to create something better.
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