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Just published! Globalisation and the New Semi-peripheries, co-editors Owen
Worth and Phoebe Moore (Palgrave 2009).


The semi-periphery in the form of a state or a production zone within the
middle tiers of world production was traditionally regarded as a mediator
between the advanced and the underdeveloped parts of the world and was often
marked by instability and as a potential revolutionary agent. Work and
production continue to divide the rich and the poor, but the actual methods
and possibility for the anti-systemic change of globalising capitalism is
revisited in this book.

Contributors to this volume speak to one another acros chapters to ask what
exactly the relevance of the semi-periphery will be. Will it be a
transofmative entity or not, in the context of the emergence of
globalisation and specific world orders as forms of explanations within
World Politics?

This collection re-examines and re-assesses the role of the semi-periphery
in world politics and argues that the processes of globalization have led us
to widen our understanding of the semi-periphery, through a range of case
studies as well as theoretical chapters.


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