[p2p-research] The failure of micro-credit?

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I found the link:

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> wrote:
> > would your system be similar with the revolving savinds and loan pools
> > already massively practiced in many countries of the south?
> >
> > Michel
> >
> I suppose so, except that I would personally try and disclude the
> "loans" part. It would instead be "pool and invest".
> In my opinion, the nature of money itself also needs to change. What
> money is valued against should change to something that is constant
> (like energy), and represented in natural systems.
> The other issue is that I think projects to finance localities should
> start out with talking to people, providing a plurality of
> options/scenarios/etc, a that locals may not be aware of, and
> ultimately asking them what they want and need, and providing that.
> Some people may be convinced that they want and need loans, and have a
> really good reason for that. They should be able to have
> self-sustaining system where they are able support one another on
> local scales, whether it be by way of loans, investment, barter, gift
> giving, or any other means. People should be able to choose and
> execute the activities that work for them. They don't need someone
> like me telling them that they don't need loans, if loans are exactly
> what they believe they need. The best that I can do is make them aware
> of other potential options. The question should be "what kind of local
> infrastructure do you need to meet basic food, energy, shelter,
> physiological and psychological survival needs?" Micro finance (small
> and well used amounts of money and resources) is actually already able
> to meet those needs right now today by creating the infrastructure
> people are asking for.  It could be done via loans, investment, or
> donation based systems (sometimes you may donate as an investment to
> help change conditions, or to help build commons based systems), or
> via donated time.
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