[p2p-research] Workshop on Media Ecologies: Q&A: Sam Rose

Samuel Rose samuel.rose at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 00:36:39 CEST 2009

> Hi Alex,
> Thanks for jumping into the conversation. ;) I'm delighted to hear you think
> the paper folding session would be a worthwhile demonstration of what a
> collaborative robotics network will be like.
> Many of these things are being done, such as remote piloting of planes or
> drones fully automated... An upcoming Hollywood film is taking this idea
> further with the concept of remotely controlled people... this same theme is
> found in 'Running Man' ... and to some extend in the novel, 'Frankenstien'.
> Hey Godwin! ;)

I may have been coming across as too harsh or dismissive, as I agree
with you both that the demonstration would be worthwhile, and that
lots of value could be gleaned from the exercise Nathan described.

My only current problem is that there is no way that I can commit to
the volume of work that it would take to create this demonstration.

Nathan, do you currently possess the ability and resources to create
the types of robots and software you described? If so, I could try to
contribute in areas where I see I am able to do so, and my time
permitting. I can see how remote control of robotics is useful. I can
also see how a robot that can fold could do other tasks, too.

> Nathan

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