[p2p-research] The failure of micro-credit?

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Ryan wrote:

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>Subject: [p2p-research] The failure of micro-credit?
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>Editorial note:  I am big advocate for micro-credit.  I am saddened by this
>study, but cannot disprove its findings. One big P2P ideas seems inherently



I have to agree with this. All the way back in 2005-2006 when
BarCampBank http://www.barcampbank.org project first really took off,
I was one of the only people advocating against debt-creating
mechanisms (like micro lending).

Resource pooling, coupled with targeted investment are the way to go,
if money is to be involved. A pool of money could be created, which
could then pay out when projects meet and sustain a criteria that is
defined by the investing group. This is similar to C.A. Fitts "solari"
model. The investing group could work this similar to "bounties". Or,
could take a different approach with impoverished people and lower the
barrier to encourage community cooperation towards co-creation of
local basic needs infrastructure.

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