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> > great review Kevin,
> >
> > but what about the competitive dynamics between chinese centralisation,
> > dispensation decentralisation, and acquis distribution?
> To tell the truth, I had a hard time getting that straight in my mind.
>  It was clear there was some sort of competition between A and D as
> alternative demonstration models, with various localities around the
> world affiliating with one or the other, and the chance of switching
> affiliations.  It was also clear there was something in the way of a
> bipolar superpower dynamic between A and D, ranging from Cold War
> standoff to a rather cynical co-dominium (e.g., in the case of Mljet,
> there was some sort of bilateral agreement between the highest level
> leaderships of the two civil societies that the project had outlived
> its usefulness and was ready to be shut down and transferred to D.
> control).  The A. and D. seemed ready to cooperate based on common
> sense perceptions that some Chinese projects were getting out of hand.
>  But beyond that, it was difficult for me to define the actual
> parameters of the relationship.
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