[p2p-research] Top Posting - Cardinal Sin

Christian Siefkes christian at siefkes.net
Mon Aug 17 15:54:25 CEST 2009

Alex Rollin wrote:
> I have been instructed about how not to top post and Eugene's version  
> of why.
> Top posring on top of another top post was my rationale.  Apologies if  
> I've offended others.  Now's a good time to stand up and be counted.
> Who hates my style? Please speak up!

I can accept anything, but I find inline-quoted mails much nicer to read.
One reason is explained below in my sig, another reason is given at the
beginning of this mail:

Note that it's not just a matter of "top" vs. "bottom" quoting, much more
important is to *trim* the quoted mails, leaving in only the lines to which
you're replying. That makes it much easier to the reader to find out which
context you're actually referring to.

Best regards

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A: Top-posting.
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