[p2p-research] Scientific/Institutional progress for p2p foundation network, Request for Input

Michel Bauwens michelsub2004 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 12:02:24 CEST 2009

Dear friends,

As you perhaps know,  a number of things are cooking showing the maturation
of our network and its
capacity to work together:

- Athina has obtained funding for a great conference in Hull in March, with
full support from her Dean,
and I'm in the org cmte as well. I've sent this out a few days ago. Athina
planned to call this the Internet and P2P Research Group.
Athina: is that still the name.

- Phoebe has obtained funding for a Media Ecologies workshop with one on
social action platforms and one on open manufacturing platforms, we also
send this out with a request for suggestions; Phoebe wishes to do this in
the context of a P2P Research Group ...

These interlocking initiatives may cause confusion, so here's a possible
framing of them; thanks to athina and phoebe to correct me if I'm wrong.

Athina is under certain constraints because of the funding and local support
is linked to her institution, hence the IPRG will have to compose with some
local institutional requirements ...

Phoebe's project could therefore be part of a global informal group of
researchers that has more freedom, is not linked to any specific funding,
and can support and profit from any other local initiative The idea is to
eventually have an organisation like the Association of Internet
Researchers, with an elected board etc...

Thanks to everybody who is interested in research, and in funding of
research, to participate with your input.

Furthermore, as you also know, the P2P Foundation gots its first grant from
the EU for 100k under the FP7 heading. This was done thanks to the people of
the Papandreou/Re-public group, to Vasilis and Athina as our greek friends,
and will have me, Adam and Natalie Pang participating.

Yesterday I sent out two more suggestions for future funding. If you want to
participate, you MUST respond. These are bureaucratically intensive
procedures to which people cannot be added a posteriori!!


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