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I hope Nanosolar is the greatest thing ever.  Still, where are the utility
scale powerplants?  Where are the 100 MW productions?  The Google money went
in to the firm in 2002...Seven years and no meaningful market?  Have you
seen or held a Nanosolar device?  I live in one of the sunniest locations in
the hemisphere and I see no trucks, no logos, no plants.  What's wrong?

Real competitive production is still well over 4x what it needs to be.  They
aren't close.

People really seem determined to fight abundance to the end. :-(

Honestly, I have no idea what abundance is, so I can't fight it or dislike
it.  First, I'd have to understand it.  So far I do not.  I read all the
stuff (Michel's recent post by Husserl's relation, etc.) and it strikes me
as nonsense.  I take it I'm simply thick, but I prefer to understand the
how's and why's before I personally jump on a bandwagon.

> Fossil fuels have been a physically dirty business for a long time, but
> they have also been an economically dirty business for a long time. Why
> should now, at the end, be any different?
I agree.  Photovoltaics looks to be capitalist pigs dressed up in green
sheep's clothes.  I'm not against it, I just need to see results that

Also, what happens to the cadmium based chemicals Nanosolar uses when their
films decay in the sun? Have they answered that one yet?

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