[p2p-research] Income inequality at an all-time high...

Nathan Cravens knuggy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 03:13:21 CEST 2009

I can foresee potential for a slight surge or slight up-tick in labor ration
units (the term is growing on me, Paul ;) from paying techs to install and
upgrade the local and personal digital fab equipment a slight too technical
for newbs, even with detailed documentation and the beginnings of gift
materials (aka open materials) channels coming online.
As Ray-Ray says, the tech is inferior at first, real folk need to develop it
further--then after--it takes care of itself, at least in terms of
consistent operation--and that's using the monolith market model as a

With the 'open' or 'p2p' demarcation, users become developers, the units
that propel capital continue to go down for most so the many seek the
alternatives we're discussing at OM, but for those last remaining few will
push for--up--UP--UUPPP---DAMMIT!!! But alas, their ration units too will go
out the combustion chamber like the other ration units--the previous wealthy
in exchange value terms being the last to understand and accept this new

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