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Hey lovers,

Thanks for the encouraging responses to the recent status update.

Since then, there've been some wonderful progress. Not least, Howard
Rheingold -- the guy who coined the term "virtual communities" -- has
joined our Board of Mentors!!

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Rheingold
* http://www.espians.com/board-of-mentors.html

We also got a private endorsement from Cory Doctorow -- who is famous
for many things, including the once #1 and current #5 blog in the

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cory_Doctorow
* http://boingboing.net

I think the world is finally ready for the vision of decentralisation
-- and the responses to the recent sale of FriendFeed to Facebook
seems to back this up, e.g.


 "Are all of these circumstances and conversations
  going to push the social web over the edge, toward
  a more distributed and less centralized model?"

love, tav

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