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Hi Michel,

these 500 links gathered by John are of interest - see categories below


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Hmmm.  Google docs seems to be resetting permissions (or more likely I don't
know what I'm doing!).

I've tried making available to anyone, so if the original link doesn't work,
try this one:


WRT why I'd excluded commercial applications - it's just that in the course
of collecting these links, it was the free/open source aspect I was most
interested in and simply didn't collect many commercial software sites.
There's plenty of sites in the 500 that are in themselves of a commercial
nature - predominately through advertising.  I agree that there's much to
learn from proprietary software - but collecting lists of these would be an
exercise in itself!


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From: John Espian <john at espians.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 10:11 PM
Subject: Some useful links...
To: esp at googlegroups.com

Hi everyone.

Since first coming across espra just over two years ago (just before 24
Weeks started) I’ve spent a lot of time researching around it and have
collected nearly 1000 bookmarks.

It soon became obvious that this list could be a useful starting point to
collect people and organisations to contact once espra is launched, but a
large subset of these could be more useful.  I call these links “overlaps” –
i.e. sites offering functionality that I’d expect espra may offer.

I've put the first 500 of these into a simple spreadsheet:


And categorized them as follows:

   - AI/Crowdsourcing
   - App Platform/Development (including browser technology, hosting etc.)
   - Art and literature
   - CMS/Forum Software
   - Collaboration
   - Commerce
   - Communication
   - Data hosting (i.e. sites with useful data)
   - Database/Storage (i.e. technologies for storing stuff)
   - Directories/Search (i.e. technologies for finding stuff)
   - Education
   - File Hosting
   - Finance
   - Hardware/infrastructure
   - Image Hosting
   - Languages/Translation
   - Location Services
   - Music
   - Networking
   - New/Bookmarking
   - Office/PIM (personal information management) Applications
   - Organisation (those offering services that espra may offer as opposed
   to organisations that would benefit from just using espra)
   - P2P
   - Security
   - Social Networking
   - Transport/Travel
   - Video hosting/TV

To follow a link, select the cell, then click the button that appears to the
left of it.

Why this list of overlaps is important/useful:

   - It validates what espra is trying to achieve.  If they were all mashed
   together and optimised, I think you’d end up with something not to
   dissimilar from espra!
   - It may be useful to help in securing funding – if all these sites can
   successfully offer one component of espra, then it’s reasonable to argue
   that espra can succeed by offering all of them (and more!)
   - It may help people new to espra to grasp something of what it's about.
   - We should be able to mine additional components/features/concepts from
   - It may be possible to recruit like-minded staff to help with the
   development of espra.
   - Similarly, it may be possible to recruit communities from some of these
   websites as users of espra.
   - Many of these overlaps are news sites – somewhere for us to publicise
   espra once it’s launched.
   - Some of the sites may be antagonistic towards espra – we need to know
   our enemies!

A few notes:

   - This isn’t a comprehensive list!
   - Commercial sites have mostly been excluded and only included where
   there is a free or open source element to their offering.
   - Categorisation isn’t meant to be definitive as many of the sites
   overlap categories.
   - The sites still need mining for contact details.
   - They could also do with a description.
   - Some sites are dead, but I felt worthy of inclusion.  Use Way Back
   Machine if you want to see what they were:


Contacting these overlap sites once espra is launched needs to be done with
care – I envisage several custom messages would need to be composed –
particularly where we would potentially be interrupting an existing revenue

Deciding how to contact the remaining sites should be easier as they don’t
particularly overlap with what we’re doing.  These are a fairly random list
of blogs, non-overlapping software, other organisations, lists & directories
of organisations, etc.

If any of you have any links and want to send them to me, I'd be extremely
grateful and will maintain a master list, categorised and de-duped ready for


John McCane-Whitney

john at espians.com

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