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Athina, Phoebe: A great person to invite at one of our meetings,


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Subject: Direct Action: An Ethnography (it appears!)
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Hello, wide variety of people I have known, liked, corresponded with,
thought well of, or otherwise had some positive
interaction with at some point  in my
life (apologies if any of you are getting this more than once):

I am pleased to announce the

*Direct Action: An Ethnography*

a book which has been supposedly about to come out for... well, for years
and years now,  ACTUALLY HAS!

It is as of yesterday officially available on the AK Press web-site:


for the utterly not unreasonable price of $25.95 (which at 592 pages is
actually slightly under 4.4 cents
a page, a genuine value!) - an can be ordered, individually or en masse,
even as we speak today.

*A volume which gives new meaning to the old adage "this book should be read
by anyone who cares*
*about the future of the world and is large enough to throw at anyone who
doesn't." *

here's from the web page:

*Direct Action: An Ethnography*

*David Graeber**Edition:*pb*ISBN:*9781904859796*Publisher:*AK Press*Release
Date:*2009-08-10ITEM OVERVIEW
In the best tradition of participant-observation, anthropologist David
Graeber undertakes the first detailed ethnographic study of the global
justice movement. Starting from the assumption that, when dealing with
possibilities of global transformation and emerging political forms, a
disinterested, "objective" perspective is impossible, he writes as both
scholar and activist. At the same time, his experiment in the application of
ethnographic methods to important ongoing political events is a serious and
unique contribution to the field of anthropology, as well as an inquiry into
anthropology's political implications.

The case study at the center of *Direct Action* is the organizing and events
that led to the dramatic protest against the Summit of the Americas in
Québec City in 2001. Written in a clear, accessible style (with a minimum of
academic jargon), this study brings readers behind the scenes of a movement
that has changed the terms of debate about world power relations. From
informal conversations in coffee shops to large "spokescouncil" planning
meetings and teargas-drenched street actions, Graeber paints a vivid and
fascinating picture. Along the way, he addresses matters of deep interest to
anthropologists: meeting structure and process, language, symbolism,
representation, the specific rituals of activist culture, and much more.

*David Graeber* is an anthropologist and activist who teaches at the
University of London. Active in numerous direct-action political
organizations, he is the author of *Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology*
; *Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value*; and *Possibilities: Essays
on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire*.


I've read it. It's actually not so bad.

One day Orlov ate too many ground peas and died. Krylov found out about it
and he died too. Spiridonov up and died all by himself. Spiridonov's wife
fell off the cupboard and also died. Spiridonov's children drowned in the
pond. Spiridonov's grandmother took to drink and hit the road. Mikhailovich
stopped combing his hair and caught a skin disease. Kruglov drew a picture
of a woman with a whip in her hand and lost his mind. Perekhrestov received
four hundred roubles by wire and put on such airs at his office that they
fired him.

Good people -- but they have to learn to take themselves in hand.

   Daniil Kharms

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