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Hi Christian,

I will republish it on the 14th,

do you see the contradiction in your last paragraph: you support market-
based open  manufacturing, yet oppose any effort to improve the conditions
in which this would occur?

Unless you use open manufacturing in a way that it does not exist? But since
you also seem to oppose moneyless resource sharing? Are you opposed to the
open source hardware bank of the Arduino community? Do you prefer they would
use capitalist banks instead?

Or are you assuming that open manufacturers would all have read your book
and applied your scheme?

If not, what do you do in the meantime? Accept market-based manufacturing as
it now exists? Improve the conditions for such entities?

Thanks for clarifying,


On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 8:46 PM, Christian Siefkes <christian at siefkes.net>wrote:

> Hi Michel, all,
> Michel Bauwens wrote:
> > I'm intrigued by your notion of the closing and then the re-opening of
> > the commons as critical for overcoming capitalism.
> >
> > I had never specifically thought about it that way, and I find it a
> > powerful concept and idea.
> >
> > I wonder if you could not write a blog entry about it, for publication
> > in our p2p blog?
> it took me some time, but I've published an article about the reopening and
> recreation of the commons in the Keimform blog:
> http://www.keimform.de/2009/08/04/reopening-the-commons-reversing-the-enclosure/
> Michel, feel free to republish or feature it in your blog, if you like.
> Best regards
>        Christian
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