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 The buzz around cloud computing has reached a fever pitch. Some believe it
is a
disruptive trend representing the next stage in the evolution of the
Internet. Others
believe it is hype, as it uses long established computing technologies. As
with any
new trend in the IT world, organizations must figure out the benefits and
risks of
cloud computing and the best way to use this technology.
 One thing is clear: The industry needs an objective, straightforward
about how this new computing paradigm will impact organizations, how it can
used with existing technologies, and the potential pitfalls of proprietary
technologies that can lead to lock-in and limited choice.
 This document is intended to initiate a conversation that will bring
together the
emerging cloud computing community (both cloud users and cloud providers)
around a core set of principles. We believe that these core principles are
rooted in
the belief that cloud computing should be as open as all other IT
 This document does not intend to define a final taxonomy of cloud computing
to charter a new standards effort. Nor does it try to be an exhaustive
thesis on
cloud architecture and design. Rather, this document is intended for CIOs,
governments, IT users and business leaders who intend to use cloud computing

and to establish a set of core principles for cloud providers. Cloud
computing is
still in its early stages, with much to learn and more experimentation to
However, the time is right for the members of the emerging cloud computing
community to come together around the notion of an open cloud.

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