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Nathan Cravens knuggy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 23:34:27 CEST 2009

Hello My Dear Friend,

I cannot insist nor enforce the introductory statements. To do so would be
to destroy them.
Please add to the list of needs, if you cannot meet them yourself, so they
may find a person to meet them.


Statement: To name a price is to destroy the gift. Giving gives as a gift

Statement: It does not matter if everyone or even anyone in this group likes
you, but someone probably will.

Statement: You apply yourself to this project because you enjoy fulfilling
the nature of your gifts.

Identify Needs >>

Create Objectives >>

Inquire for Interest >>

in other words...

What do we want to do?

What interests do we need to do them?

*We're looking for, if you are interested in...*


A one paragraph description of OpenKollab to the best of your ability.


This project and what it may represent now and historically. We Need You!


Social networking presence. (i.e. activity on facebook, twitter, ect)


You like to promote stuff you like and often. We Need you!


A flashy logo that represents trust, the life blood of collaberation, and
graphic visualizations of process model templates that will continue and
ensure this trust.


You like to make visualizations in creative ways. We Need You!


Process models are being developed to form the first adaptive templates. Its
important that we get this part right enough, so this becomes a service to
meet all needs for what they really are. Everyone. See Process
Model<http://wiki.openkollab.com/wagn/Process_Model> for


You have the knowledge to apply a process or two that can secure the world
you'd like to live in. We Need You!


We need a series of soft and hard architectures to keep projects formed when
there's a need and to secure them until the needs are met. See
Platform<http://wiki.openkollab.com/wagn/Platform> for


You see no difference between hardware and software. You like hacking code
and gadgets. You see that one day soon everything and therefore everyone
will be free. We Need You!

*Met Objectives >>*

*Welcome to OpenKollab! >>*

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