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/Will we overcome the *iron ages* as pacifists or other doctrine./
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Welcome to the Atompunk at antenna.nl mailing list! Share your ideas on

About Atompunk the cultural period 1945-1965, 

Atompunk is a strictly pre-digital period, but it includes mid-century
Modernism, the "Atomic Age," the "Space Age," and, especially, lots of
Communism and communism paranoia in the USA. Communist analog atompunk
is an ultimate lost world.

Sovjet styling, underground cinema, Googie architectuur, Space and
Sputnik, moonlanding, superhero-comix, art & radioactivity, the rise
of the US military/industrial complex & the fall-out of Tsjernobyl

Reallife Atompunk Projects will be March-Aug 2009 in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands. Sept 9-13, GOGBOT festival in Enschede www.gogbot.nl 

more info/agenda: www.planetart.nl

What is Atompunk to you? And how to translate this into history,
shapes, architecture, design, art, etc?

If you missed some of the older mails, dont panic, here's the easy to
browse archive: http://www14.antenna.nl/pipermail/atompunk/

It's really worth to take a look at.

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  atompunk at antenna.nl

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