[p2p-research] Fwd: 20 Theses against green capitalism

Tomas Rawlings tom at fluffylogic.net
Fri Aug 7 13:29:13 CEST 2009

I could not agree more. 

Some aspects of the current system (e.g. carbon trading) seek to simply 
turn the problem into another market and I can't see that working, 
however other aspects of the current system are evolving technologies, 
ideas, practices that will give us routes out of this mess - assuming we 
are smart enough to apply them.

My other worry with the idea of a grand ideological narrative that 
'fixes' the problem is that espoused by philosopher John Gray who argued 
that all such grand '-isms' from communism to neo-conservatism are paved 
with roads of dead on the way to their utopian vision.  


p2presearch-request at listcultures.org wrote:
> At the end of the day it's not primitivism that's going to save us. It's
> not necessarily technology either, although that will certainly help.
> It's a clear understanding that we are capable of doing whatever it is
> to the world we want, we have demonstrated our unending capacity for
> change, and now we just have to decide what it is we want our planet to
> be like.
> So second challenge right here: Describe the world as you would like it
> to be.


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