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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Thu Aug 6 17:54:51 CEST 2009

On Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 08:36:50AM -0600, Matt Boggs wrote:

>    Create a "physical API"... of the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic.
>    Copy their entire way of doing business and paste it into hospitals
>    around the country. In a nicely wrapped package deliver their systems
>    for decision-making, integration, coordination, and expertise. Include
>    their human resources practices, innovation efforts, and technology.

Anyone can cook like Bocuse. Just write it all up and distribute it
to McDonaldses everywhere, and hey presto! Instant haute cuisine.

See, this replicating excellence thing is easy. 

>    Import their employment model, their bargaining power, and of course
>    brand recognition. This is a beta release so if anything is left out,
>    it can be included in a later version.
>    Mix with water. Implement. Poof! Great health care!
>    Just think about it, Local County Hospital, powered by the Mayo Clinic
>    or Our Lady Health Care System, supported by the Cleveland Clinic;
>    it's a definite brand extender.
>    You can get these information bottlenecks even when there's no
>    competing interests, and nothing proprietary -- it's just hard
>    (without an API) for people to know where or how to look.
>    So instead of this convoluted, consuming, and confusing reform debate,
>    how about something more fun and innovative?  President Obama has
>    routinely cited the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic as models for
>    providing high quality, low cost care.  If they can do it, we ought to
>    be able to learn from them, and roll that model out nationwide.
> References
>    1. http://snarkmarket.com/blog/snarkives/snarkonomics/the_starbucks_api/

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