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On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Matt Boggs <matt at digiblade.com> wrote:

>  The Starbucks API
> Source:
> http://snarkmarket.com/blog/snarkives/snarkonomics/the_starbucks_api/
> Take it one step further:
> Create a "physical API"... of the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic. Copy
> their entire way of doing business and paste it into hospitals around the
> country. In a nicely wrapped package deliver their systems for
> decision-making, integration, coordination, and expertise. Include their
> human resources practices, innovation efforts, and technology. Import their
> employment model, their bargaining power, and of course brand recognition.
> This is a beta release so if anything is left out, it can be included in a
> later version.
> Mix with water. Implement. Poof! Great health care!

In theory, I agree.  What makes Mayo and Cleveland particularly good is IT
(they also get the finest personnel...)

What is lacking...and this is a real, bona fide opportunity for tinkerers,
is an open source, secure, powerful digital hospital automation system
implemented on low cost hardware.  Some do-gooder should partner with a
third world country to build such a thing based on Mayo or Cleveland.  I'd
think finding UN money and other sources of foundation investment for this
would be comparatively easy.  Most of the prototypes I see in the open
source world are hopelessly banal or downright stupid...no market, no need,
no value...some world of abundance.

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