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May be related to the discussion about multiple platforms not coordinating,

see http://lwn.net/Articles/345353/

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 12:26 AM, Samuel Rose <samuel.rose at gmail.com> wrote:

> Virtual Currency: If Commons Fails, An Auction Approach
>> We need to focus on keeping the network market neutral by introducing an
>> auction system for a process or product unable to meet demand voluntarily.
>> This way every process or product has the chance to increase the network's
>> aggregate 'use value' by starting at a price of zero. The built in rewards
>> for this are a matter of course, given it is understood by all parties
>> involved that gift exchanges are the best 'price' and the shortest path to
>> reducing transaction costs to a minimum while maximizing gains for everyone
>> involved. This is an ancient form of economics we will see returned to the
>> 21st century. Our tools are finally able to scale globally what once was
>> small and nomadic. This can only work with the highly coordinated networking
>> infrastructure OpenKollab aims to develop.
> I would like to recommend that if you think about how to make this
> programming language/application-agnostic, so that the objects can be mapped
> to distributed web applications, servers, and architectures, that it will be
> more adopt-able by more people, than if it is a monolithic application.
> Coordinated Networking Infrastructures need not exist within one tightly
> integrated application/codebase. If there is a *standard* for identifying
> the "objects" (people, identity, currency, services, whatever identifiable
> objects exist in the system) then they can exist in an OpenKollab
> application, in facebook, in twitter, in a WordPress website, on Ning, on
> mobile phone apps, and onanyting else that comes down the pipe in the
> future, all at the same time.
>> Processes priced above zero alert the network of the failure of the system
>> to produce voluntarily for a global design network interested
>> in asserting these weak links so to iron out the 'exchange value' and return
>> 'the gift that was' back to the commons and use value that nurtures it. What
>> this will mean is market behavior becomes more predictable: a possible boom
>> after introduction of a novel highly complex artifact, yet with designs of
>> this rendered open source at the onset, (if not, a "competitor" will) we can
>> then predict based on a similar product history, a rapid collapse in
>> exchange value relative to the rate of hacking pursued, alternatives found
>> where scarce resources may have been, with productive processes distributed
>> or transferred amongst our globally aligned networks with an eventual
>> interface that may at a certain phase resemble something not unlike SimCity.
> The idea is great. An open standard would also allow helper applications to
> consume and visualize data, and process data about what is happening in many
> ways. There already exist many open source libraries that can process
> information in many different ways.
> http://flows.panarchy.com/index.php?title=Main_Page allows you to send
> data to that library (even if it is on another server) process, and return
> back to Wagn, or whatever you app is built in. So, if you want Natural
> Language Processing, mathematical, statistical, genetic algorithm or other
> processing. Or, if you want data output as SVG graphic. All of this is now
> possible.
>> Nathan
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