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Eric, this should be of interest

Sam, Rose: unrelated, but perhaps important in the context of your local
projects : Singapore (where I'm now) has just decided to put land aside so
that it can produce 25% of its own food,


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thank you for your invaluable work.

I dont actually know if this was said, but of course the consequence of
what you quoted about Global Villages Network is that we have to proceed
from farming to integrated "rural" life 2.0. The whole story of precision
farming that Michel brings up would be strangely abstract and utopian if
we were not able to connect this with a model of physical transformation
of landscape into attractive cohabitat invoking the connection of man and
land to life again. I believe this consequently means offer something more
than just liveable to urban people with urban needs to move in. Its about
miniaturisation and reinvention of the city as global villages that
combine all aspects of living with embeddedness and caring for natural
environments. Thats the only way to bring the mind back home and the
reason for the Global Villages Network. Its a very ambitious design task,
but we will see in the end that there is no really sound alternative.
Arcosanti and the ecovillage movement are early forerunners, but we have
not seen very much yet of well designed possibilities.

Some examples to have an idea are works of

Paolo Soleri   Arcosanti  Mini City for 5000 people within desert habitat

Vincent Callebaut     Sea Lillypad    Living and Caring for Ocean Commons

at a smaller scale but much more concrete the John T. Lyle center in Pomona

Village Town by Claude Lewenz

actually that are just glimpses and I would rather like to see many more,
relieving us from city hybris and megalomania, but there is still lack of
good design and imagination on the side of those who care. As you know I
value design higher than politics, integrated design is metapolitics that
creates structure.

all the best


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