Unhealthy Inclusion

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Diane Musho Hamilton:

"Below is a list of what “unhealthy inclusion” looks like, which calls for a new approach to inclusion, equality, diversity and social justice.

  • Oppressive rules around speech and “political correctness”. – – There can seem to be a hypersensitivity to language and behavior that can create a culture of fear.
  • Endless processes of blame and accusation that don’t seem to ever resolve.
  • A victim-oppressor framework that doesn’t allow any other narratives to come forth.
  • The inversion of power hierarchies instead of their transformation (with a new group of oppressors at the top instead of no oppressors there).
  • Devaluing of assertiveness and aggressiveness that can breed innovation, both inside a team and with competitors.
  • Creating a talent drain as some leave rather than speak out.
  • A monoculture that only values a narrow range of attitudes, politics, personality types, and communication styles.
  • The demonization of those with differing views.
  • A focus on internal politics and policies which draws too much attention away from action and movement forward."



"This is an online “Inclusion 2.0” program developed by a conflict mediator and Zen teacher, Diane Musho Hamilton in collaboration with teachers, mediators, and organizational theorists." (https://tendirections.com/inclusion-2-0/)