Sustainable Money System

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= "SuMSy is a theoretical monetary model which has the assumed capacity to change the shape of the economic ecosystem in such a way that it puts the wellbeing of people and the planet at its core".



Stef Kuypers:

"The core claims we make are as follows:

The way in which money is brought into and taken out of circulation has an influence on the behaviour of the people using it and it nudges them in predictable ways. Built in mechanics can nudge people further towards predictable behaviours. It is our responsibility that these nudges serve the common good.

Implementing SuMSy would install a form of ‘governance by incentive’ and would require less rules and regulations to keep excesses in check. It would cause a rise in the wellbeing of both people and the planet, while at the same time creating a stable, sustainable economy.

The model has been inspired by both the story of Wörgl in Austria in the early 1930’s and by the basic income movement and the various basic income experiments that have been implemented. The initiative in Wörgl and the experiments with a basic income both had positive impacts on the communities in which they were active.

The following list identifies the challenges SuMSy which aims to tackle:

  • Building a stable economic system that is not prone to failing due to an economic slowdown
  • Ensuring that basic qualitative social services such as education, healthcare, environmental care, etc. remain in place
  • Making sustainable business models economically more attractive
  • Liberating intellectual and other potential from purely profit oriented activities to enlist them for value oriented activities
  • Moving towards a more collaborative economy
  • Diminishing income gaps and eradicate poverty
  • Freeing up mental bandwidth for everyone to create time for a reflection on life, building meaningful relationships with others and pursuing meaningful objectives."