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= business model for streaming music



"A method of gradually increasing cost as a fan comes to love a song, starting really cheap until finally reaching the price of a normal download.

This totally new system for streaming and downloading is based on something fundamental… a top-up, pay-as-you-go model instead of the usual “all you can eat” monthly subscription ... a top-up model is better for artists and costs pretty much the same for fans as subscription models.


Starting at .002 credits, the first stream of a new song is super cheap.

The second time a listener hears the same song, the price doubles to .004 – on the third listen, fans pay .008.

Notice a pattern? Indeed – the price keeps doubling every time the same song is played until eventually reaching 1.016 on the 9th play. Then the song is paid for, free forever and can even be moved out of our player.

This model does a few key things. First, it encourages new music discovery because it starts off super cheap, but then it also allows us to directly count every stream, so artists always get paid for every play. This stands in stark contrast to the other services who are NOT paying one-to-one for what is being played. Additionally, it allows casual listeners to convert into dedicated fans with almost zero effort." (