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A Source is similar to a mixture of the concepts of both Land and Capital.

Every Object is composed of a mixture of Virtual Sources and Physical Sources.

Copyrights and Patents are used to control virtual sources, while property rights are used to control the physical.

For instance, an apple is partly the DNA that transforms and is then Hosted by the land, water, soil, and rotting organisms - and also the energy of the SUN and time used to Produce that Object.

A washing machine is a mechanical Design that required land, capital energy and time so it could be applied to metal, plastic, rubber, etc. to make each Copy or Instance.

Software appears to be pure Design, but actually requires mass such as a CD, Hard Drive, NVRAM, etc. for storage and a power supply, motherboard, CPU, monitor, speakers, keyboard, etc. to be Manufactured in a sort of fleeting manner each time it is used. Software is the same as bread, but appears different because it is so easily retargeted to another host.