Research Positions for the Transition Towards a Open Commons-Based Knowledge Society in Ecuador

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Research Positions for the Transition towards a open commons-based knowledge society:

The FLOK Society Project ( is looking for a number of Research Coordinators/Assistants that can help the project through research assistance to support the development of transition strategies, proposals and policies to help Ecuador to create a open commons-based knowledge society that enables ‘good living’ for the Ecuadorian people. The project is funded and coordinated by IAEN, the advanced studies institute of Ecuador, located in Quito, and two associated ministries.

The research project will be coordinated in an integrative framework by Michel Bauwens (see ).

The expected salary will be $4,000 per month. Positions are open immediately and will last until the end of March 2014. A possibility exists that the Research Coordinators/Assistants can rely on specialist expert assistance throught Ecuadorian Prometheo program. Candidates should have a PhD, but the condition can be waved exceptional if Master level candidates can demonstrate valuable expertise.

If you are interested and believe you are qualified, please send you CV and motivation to [email protected]

Candidates with a prior experience in the open / commons / p2p / sharing oriented activities will be preferred.

0. The function of general assistant coordinator of research

This position is the project management function that insures that the research is delivered on time, in qualitative condition, and in the formats necessary for the project.

1. Research coordinator and assistant on enhancing human capabilities

  • open education, human talent and capacities building; cultural issues; group faciltation; culture change / innovation and science ; arts and meaning-making activities

This position will coordinate the research into open education, open science and scholarship; the subjective capacities needed for commons-oriented cultural change; collective and group facilation to increase cooperative capacity; the stimulation of innovation and invention amongst Ecuadorian citizens.

2. Research coordinator and assistant on commons-oriented productive capacities

  • enhancement of productive capacity through open design commons, distributed manufacturing, sustainable agriculture; and open machining ; renewable and distributed energy

This position will coordinate the research into the methods and means to increase the social productivity of agricultural, industrial and service productivity through knowledge sharing, distributed means of production, open and shared machinery, and the mutualization of the support infrastructures for production. The research will look at the ecological and social externalities of production, positive and negative, and look into the ways to stimulate the creation of maximum positive externalities that benefit the common good.

3. Research coordinator and assistant into the enabling legal and other institutional frameworks to support open productive capacities

  • legal and institutional frameworks (includes value accounting, new corporate and ethical economy formats) / policy-making

This position will coordinate the research into the rules and norms of open and commons oriented value creation; look into the institutional framework and support that is needed by the actors and citizens; including possible reform of the economic and monetary systems, the legal forms for corporations and ethical economy entities; new forms of accounting for value creation and externalities; and measurement and reward systems for contributory value creation; in other words, this part of the research looks at the invisible social infrastructures. The research will look at policies that are need to support such a transition, and at new governance and property formats that will need to be stimulated.

4. Research coordinator and assistant into open technical infrastructures

  • open technical infrastructures , privacy, security, data ownership, digital rights

This position will coordinate the research into the rules and norms of openness and the commons orientation of digital infrastructures (open defintions, licensing, IP regime); and important aspects of digital usage such as privacy, security; individual and collective rights of expression through digital media.

5. Research coordinator and assistant on the physical infrastructures of collective life

  • physical infrastructures: housing / transportation / urban policies / health infrastructures

This position wil coordinate the research into physical infrastructures such as housing, transportation, physical security, and urban, regional and national policies that can promote the sustainable extension of such infrastructures to enable the good living. This research will look at collaborative consumption and other forms of mutualization of infrastructure.