Peer-to-Peer Computing 2008

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May be the largest technical conference on P2P Systems.



"P2P'08 is the eighth conference in a series of annual conferences concerned with overlay network technologies and massively distributed systems & applications.

Peer-to-Peer systems benefit from and share the resources owned by systems that are distributed around the Internet. Examples of such technologies include peer-to-peer applications and grids, and in general, any large-scale distributed system characterized by decentralization and sharing of resources.

Recently, interesting applications of P2P technology have begun to emerge, together with new platforms for application development. We invite papers that reflect experience with practical applications of the current state of the art, or that explore new application areas. We are particularly interested in real, large-scale, deployed systems and applications, rather than small-scale examples composed of a few nodes. The key issues to be considered are scalability, robustness, and security; we believe that these aspects are fundamental issues that must be solved before Peer-to-Peer and Grid services will become mainstream.

Consistent with the previous occurrences of this conference, we would like to promote collaboration in research among academic institutions, government organizations, and business enterprises that are concerned with the research and implementation of peer-to-peer networks, grids, and large scale distributed systems." (