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P2P Foundation Channels

A channel pulls the content from each of the P2P Foundation websites, within a single (or collection of related categories) into one integrated stream.

Now you can watch or suscribe to updates from these channels with the click of a button using email or RSS.

Sources for the P2P Foundation Channels

The content for the channels come from the P2P Foundation Wiki, the P2P Foundation blog, and the linking from Michel Bauwens through the [Delicious] service.

Current Channels

You can use the following links to subscribe to one of the channels. You will be offered the opportunity to subscribe using RSS or Email. You can unsubscribe any time.

The Mechanism

The channels were pulled together by Alex Rollin and the feeds are pushed from his Google Feedburner account. This is why the address for the channels are "feeds.alexrollin.com".

Further Development

Additional channels covering additional categories are planed for the immediate future. Feel free to make recommendations for additional feeds to be included in the channels. Currently only feeds from the P2P Foundation are included, and this is the plan for the near future.

If you'd like to recommend a great P2P related blog or news source, though, please do feel free to recommend it on the P2P News Network Recommendations page.