Mixed Effects of Online Diversity Training

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* RESEARCH ARTICLE: The mixed effects of online diversity training. By Edward H. Chang, Katherine L. Milkman, et al. PNAS April 16, 2019 116 (16) 7778-7783; first published April 1, 2019

URL = https://www.pnas.org/content/116/16/7778 [1]


"Although diversity training is commonplace in organizations, the relative scarcity of field experiments testing its effectiveness leaves ambiguity about whether diversity training improves attitudes and behaviors toward women and racial minorities. We present the results of a large field experiment with an international organization testing whether a short online diversity training can affect attitudes and workplace behaviors. Although we find evidence of attitude change and some limited behavior change as a result of our training, our results suggest that the one-off diversity trainings that are commonplace in organizations are not panaceas for remedying bias in the workplace."