Institutionalization of Online News and the Creation of a Shared Journalistic Authority

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* Report: Sue Robinson. “Someone’s gotta be in control here.” The Institutionalization_of_Online_News_and_the_Creation_of_a_Shared_Journalistic_Authority. 2007


study of participatory journalism


"Journalists explain daily happenings according to a uniform mission, agreed-upon routines, and established societal relationships. Their product*American newspaper stories in this case*helps shape the social order by controlling information dissemination in a structured environment. As a result, the press enjoys the status of a political institution that operates with some authority. When technology allows the audience to take over some control in this process, its institutional dynamics shift. This research examined the words of 35 journalists to explore how technology is causing marked evolutions in newspaper journalism’s missions, routines, and relationships with sources and readers. This paper found that news considerations center on personal experience for journalists and their audiences. The evidence indicates that journalists are sharing their ability to tell the day’s news with people outside of the institution. Eventually, the changes in production will have implications for the press’s ultimate authority as a societal institution."


Citation: Robinson, Sue (2007) '"SOMEONE'S GOTTA BE IN CONTROL HERE"', Journalism Practice, 1:3, 305 - 321