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= EarthBenign is a bank that promotes a steady-state economy – degrowth, demonetization and reclamation from the monetary domain of the cultural and natural Commons. [1]



"EarthBenign Bank is the only bank offering a crowdbanking platform to its user base. ‘Crowdbanking’ refers to the fact that the crowd itself creates the complementary currencies we’re referring to. Bear in mind, today one of banks’ primary functions is to create money; these days that is done based on a central-banking model enabled by fiat money, all of which comes into existence based on the borrower’s promise to pay. Our bank will definitely still offer fiat money to its customers, but to reiterate, we are the only bank which is also offering a benign crowdbanking platform designed to usher in the New Economy while concurrently mitigating the severity of the inevitable collapse of the current fiat-national currency monetary system." (