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John Robb:

"MakerBot currently offers two desktop 3-D printers known as the Replicator 2 and the Replicator 2X. Either of these machines can be purchased for less than $3000 and work with most current 3-D creation software.

MakerBot has now taken this a step further by offering the Digitizer, a desktop 3-D scanner that converts existing objects into 3-D images for printing or sharing via platforms like Thingiverse.

Details about the Digitizer Just as there are other 3-D printers available sometimes costing in excess of $100,000, there are also 3-D scanners available with prices that will easily scare away many businesses looking to implement 3-D prototyping into their current business model.

The Digitizer from MakerBot is unique because of its affordability and easy integration with the Replicator 2 3-D printer.

Currently for sale on the MakerBot website for $1,400, the Digitizer offers the following features:

  • Turns physical objects into 3-D digital design files in approximately 12 minutes
  • Outputs standard 3-D file format (STL) that is easily modified by programs like MeshMixer
  • Easily upload scans to Thingiverse
  • Eliminates the need for 3-D modeling design skills or CAD experience
  • Simple and powerful interface that will have anybody creating 3-D models in no time.

Regardless of what you use the Digitizer for; it meets the needs of most businesses with ease. MakerBot does caution that the level of detail may not be on par with engineers who need very specific, detail oriented 3-D models, but it will exceed the needs of the rest of us." (http://www.resilientcommunities.com/the-latest-in-3d-printing/)