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= Daniel Hassan (UK|GUY), is a computer engineer active in autonomous co-operatives over the last decade; in areas of economics (Rootstock, Robin Hood), housing (Radical Routes), migration (No Borders), labour (Footprint Workers Coop).


Daniel Hassan (UK|GUY), Chief Networking Officer with Robin Hood Services; London and Melbourne based community organiser and computer engineer, passionate about Robin Hood as a new mode of organization enabled by P2P finance and ubiquitous computing. Has been active in autonomous co-operatives for over a decade, specifically in areas of economics (Rootstock, Robin Hood), housing (Radical Routes), food (Food not Bombs), migration (No Borders), labour (Footprint Workers Coop) and social centres around the UK and Australia. Robin Hood's innovations in P2P finance resonate strongly with Dan's research into new modes of organisation enabled by the emergence of network platforms, blockchain technologies and ubiquitous computing. His MSc thesis: 'Assembling data: An application for understanding and analysing the block chain beyond cryptocurrency' forms a key research component of Decentralized Citizen Engagement Technologies (D-CENT), an EU funded Europe-wide project creating blockchain based privacy-aware tools and applications for economic empowerment.

He is also a resident consultant with the Dyne Think(&Do) Tank, advising on digital currency experiments to foster direct democracy.

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He tweets as @dan_mi_sun

He links as danielsundigital

He dynes as danielsan.dyne.org