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A collection of projects and pages loosely grouped into the Thing Commons.


In this use the Thing Commons is a category that is defined as:

  • open access tools, systems and supporting technologies
  • distributed solutions to manufacturing and production
  • small scale
  • do it yourself
  • replicable
  • social technologies - things are better when shared, and when you don't have to start from scratch

You'll find things in this category that are:

  • Systems to help people collaborate and communicate
  • Tools to help design, build, and share
  • People and organizations that are participating in some part of the chain
  • Documents that outline possibilities, steps to be taken, and comments on how all this fits together

The Forward Foundation coined the term 'Thing Commons' and this category frees it for our use to bring together an ecology of solutions, questions and opportunities to light a path to the future of P2P production, design, and re-use.

To start your investigations:

Key Concepts

Physical P2P Production

New Distributed Infrastructures

Key Resources

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