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This is a section for 'tools', such as software, organizational techniques, how-to material, etc..

The tools and infrastructures collected here should also help in a transition to a Resource-Based Economy (see [1])

See the following compilations:

  1. Global Resource Exchange Groups and Localized Exchange Communities
  2. Peer to Peer Exchanges and P2P Exchange Infrastructure Projects
  3. Low Cost Groups

Other Directories

  1. David Korten, author of the Great Turning, has assembled a great collection of social change technologies here at

Key Resource Summaries

Absolutely key visualization by Robin Good: Collaborative Map of Online Collaboration Tools


  1. The tools for deliberation are summarized in those two documents by the DDC:
  2. Matrix of face to face deliberation methods, at
  3. Matrix of online methods to enhance public engagement, at
  4. Robin Good's Kolabora monitors the webconferencing field, at

  1. You can find reviews of the technical tools (software) listed here in sources such as IT Redux [2], Solution Watch [3] , and TechCrunch [4]
  2. IT Redux Office 2.0 has a database of tools, linked to the precise pages where you can find reviews of the particular product [5]
  3. A short intro on how to use 're-usable media' for your own publishing, presentations, and remixes, at Lifehacker
  4. 25 Writing Tools: overview, many free tools included
  5. 30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media

P2P Resource Directory

Examples of Peer to Peer Exchanges: BookMooch (books), Freecycle (second hand), Free Sound, Fundable (funding), Giftegrity, Lala (CD's), Moneytwins (coins), PeerFlix (DVD's), Prosper (lending), University of Openness (learning) , Zopa (lending)


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