Ayishat Akanbi on Replacing the Moral Superiority of Political Correctness with Compassion and Understanding

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Really excellent video: The Problem with Wokeness | Ayishat Akanbi

URL = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-WimRb2jXs

"Has wokeness replaced compassion with moral superiority?"


""Ayishat Akanbi discusses the problem of “reactionary” behaviors in the modern social justice movement and how it’s hurting us all. Although some of the popular fundamental belief systems in this movement encourage aggressive behaviors in activists against perceived enemies, Akanbi’s theme of practicing open-hearted immediacy and embracing the humanity of people who belong to groups we have deemed “the enemy” is as timely as ever. This theme is similarly expressed in the essay, “In Praise of Allies: Wherever we’re going, we’ll only get there together”." (http://socialjusticereformation.com/part-i-foundational-videos/)


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