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"Some history:

How it all began

“It is evident that there is a lack of cultural spaces, which promote an everyday culture as a life practice and investigate social models that support community-oriented conduct. In an open cultural and workshops house the association sees the opportunity to widely remedy this deficiency and to create in the TGM such a social model.” (Excerpt from a letter about the intentions behind WUK’s foundation – Helmut Fielhauser, Walter Hnat, Christine Leinfellner, 1980)

and philosophy / what WUK does: Self-Management

In WUK terminology, the words “autonomy” and “self-management” have to do with all WUK structures and activities outside of the WUK association and WUK Cultural Productions. Around 130 house groups, initiatives and individuals work in the seven autonomous sectors: Sociopolitical Initiatives, Children and Youth, Intercultural Initiatives, dancetheatreperformance WUK, Workshops, Visual Art and Music. They have in common a basic democratic decision-making structure and the organisation of internal issues via monthly plenary meetings. The WUK Forum is a coordination, discussion and advisory committee for the seven sectors and the WUK board members. The seven autonomous sectors and the associated groups and initiatives are described in detail under Self-Management. (