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My name is Simon Grant. I use the username "asimong" in many places including here and Wikipedia, and it is my main e-mail address at So a search for "asimong" will probably come up with material related to me.

I have contributed plenty to this wiki (but still very little compared to Michel!). See my contributions page.


A major piece of work I did around new year 2017 was to format Vocabulary of Commons for this wiki.


In 2019 I took on some Wiki Housekeeping work, including a Test Outline page for people.

What I would love to see is this wiki being used by lots of P2P and commons people as the central point for their knowledge commons: including resources, watching / reading lists, reviews etc. I fully expect this to work well where there are a number of people with an interest in actively maintaining such information that is valuable to themselves, and not just supposedly to others. See UserGroups

When I see an author or book without a page, particularly one I know about, I often create a relevant page. See early examples (I've done several more since):

  1. Marjorie Kelly
  2. Sam Muirhead
  3. John Thackara
  4. Lean Logic
  5. David Fleming
  6. Gene Youngblood
  7. Anya Kamenetz
  8. Peter Pogany
  9. George Monbiot

and To Do:

  1. Joshua Vial
  2. Bonnita Roy

I've been coming across lots of related groups that I didn't know about, too. Again, if they are aligned and have no page here, and I care about them, I'll add a page here.

  1. GalGael

Or indeed articles...

You can find out about me through

On my personal blog I very occasionally blog about the things I care about:

  • values
  • personal and ethical development
  • technology supporting people
  • many of the interesting ideas explored in this site

Projects that I would like to find people to share, perhaps within the P2P or Commons orbit?

  1. Commons Academia — creating, generating, presenting high quality useful peer-reviewed knowledge.
  2. Commons Harmonization — a different approach to working with standards.
  3. How to create a generative human culture in web-based communities.
  4. A different take on supply chains — including materials, skills and competences all together.
  5. The "Intrapersonal Commons" — about commoner culture and psychology
  6. Satisfying the cognitive demands of sharing, collaboration, and co-operation generally
  7. Thinking around the topic of distributed curation of commons knowledge
  8. Commons Transition UK loomio group

More than anything else, I am looking for opportunities to act, as well as to think and write, about how to grow and move towards a better world. Please get in touch if you see significant common ground.

I originally came to the P2P Foundation in 2012 through Unlike Minds (who also have a page here Unlike Minds) which has had ties with Gorton (ex-)Monastery in Manchester (England).

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