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Tom Chance is an Open Source/ Free Software researcher and advocate:

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Tom Chance in his own words:

"I'm particularly interested in the philosophy and politics of free culture, ecology and justice. As such, I try to keep actively involved in politics, working in pressure groups on the environment, development and digital rights. I'm leading the UK's first local Creative Commons project Remix Reading.

Most of my time is divided between being a full time student (I'm on a Philosophy MA) and activism. I'm also a freelance journalist, paying the rent with articles that can be found in the writing section of this web site. Here's an incomplete, relatively short list of things I'm doing, and things I've done:

I lead Remix Reading, the UK's first major localised free culture / Creative Commons project.

I do lots of digital rights of activism. I co-founded Free Culture UK, which campaigns on various copyright/public domain issues and is an umbrella for local groups like Remix Reading. I'm involved with the Information Accessibility Initiative, part of the OKFN. I've also done a lot of lobbying on software patents with the FFII, and bits and bobs with the Association for Free Software and the now defunct Campaign for Digital Rights.

I do media and promotion work for the The KDE Project. I wrote the guide to working with the media for the Quality Team Project, and gave a presentation on the project at the KDE conference, aKademy, in August 2004. I also occasionally do this and that for the usability and promotion teams, and have done a small amount of artwork for KDE users.

I used to be the coordinator of the Reading University Campaigns Forum, a group that organises and encourages political activism at Reading Uni (UK). I was one of the main people behind my University's switch to green electricity. I'm also a Greenpeace activist.

I do a little web work for friends and family. I administer the Acre Woods Collective, which hosts this web site. I set-up my father's web site, Professor Stephany Griffith Jones' web site (an economics professor and the mother of a friend), and I've done a little work on the web site of Country Cottage Plus. I've also done web work and consultancy for the Sustainable Development Commission.