Takis Fotopoulos

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Photo link: http://www.kuda.org/files/kuda/images/Takis_Fotopoulos_02.jpg

Takis Fotopoulos is a writer and the editor of Democracy & Nature; he is also a columnist for the Athens Daily Eleftherotypia. He studied Economics, Politics and Law at the University of Athens in Greece and then Economics at the London School of Economics on an Athens University scholarship. He was a student activist in Athens and then a political activist in London where he has been living since the late 1960s. He was Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of North London for over twenty years until he started editing the journal Society & Nature, later Democracy & Nature. He is the author of Towards An Inclusive Democracy (London & New York: Cassell, 1997" (http://www.inclusivedemocracy.org/fotopoulos/)